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Pass Your Appraisal Exam

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Bonus Appraisal Games


2018 Appraiser Exam, Appraiser Test, Appraisal Tests, Appraisal Exams, USPAP Exam, Testprep, Quizprep...what ever you want to call it we have it! Study here for all your appraisal needs.

Appraiser Games - This is just one of our free bonuses when you purchase with LearnAppraising.com. Buy now and within minutes you can be playing appraisal related games such as:

  • The Appraiser Pyramid Quiz
  • Super Word Search
  • FHA Crazy Quiz
  • Cheetah Challenge
  • Appraiser Creepy Crossword

Exclusive features - Our custom appraiser games can make learning fun! Experience the first online real estate appraiser games for free when you join the Exam Prep area of Learn Appraising.com

The Appraiser Pyramid Quiz - is a game-show styled quiz game that uses hundreds of databased questions just for appraisers.

Super WordSearch - is a fast paced word search that uses every day appraiser terms. Here is the catch, in order to win you need to find all the words in under 3 minutes!

FHA Crazy Quiz - is a cartoon based quiz game, with funny scenes. Have fun and practice for portions of your FHA exam with our Crazy Quiz.

Cheetah Challenge - is our newest game-show styled quiz engine. You can play with up to four players in one game and compete for the highest score based off multiple appraisal related topics!

Appraiser Creepy Crossword - is the perfect game for crossword fans. Use your knowledge of appraisal definitions and terms to win this game.

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Screen Shots:

appraiser quiz

Pyramid Quiz

appraiser terms


Cheetah Challenge



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