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The Appraiser Pyramid Quiz

Welcome to our free appraiser gaming area of "The Appraiser Pyramid Quiz". This is a fun quiz show styled game, that has appraisal related questions. Just read the instructions on this page to see how to play or just click the "Appraiser Games" icon below to play.

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Membership Bonus

Exam Prep Members can make studying fun with Appraiser Games. The members area allows the user to play the pyramid quiz with randomized questions that are always being updated. Sign-up today- Click Here!


The quiz pyramid has five levels, answer the questions correctly to move along. If you get one question wrong the game is over, unless you have reached the second level of the pyramid. Then you will drop back an entire level! The higher you go, the more points you earn.

You will be given 3 life-lines

Pass- Lets you pass the question with no penalty.

50/50- Removes two of the incorrect answers for you.

Golden Gamble- Use this prior to answering a question, if you get the question right... you move up an entire level!

*Questions in the FREE gaming area are not updated with new questions on a regular basis. members will have access to free games that are updated with new questions.

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